VIDEO: Passing the Church Collection Plate Takes a Bizarre Turn For Woman Who Gets Hit Up Too Close to Home

by John Brodgian | July 18, 2015 12:38 pm

I understand that churches are struggling to stay open and serve the community, but I kinda don’t think this is the Christian way to do it.  Parishioners from Tampa are claiming[1] they got a letter from their church that said if they don’t donate…they’re out of the church.


The letter was posted on Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church’s current Facebook page, and has since gone viral throughout social media.

Facebook user, Zackia Morris, posted the letter to her own page, expressing an outrage over it that has been shared by many:

The letter reads, in part:

In sending the letter, it is with much regret.

You are currently delinquent in your financial support.

In order not to be removed from the church roll…

Watch more below. Do you think the church went too far?

  1. Parishioners from Tampa are claiming:
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