VIDEO: Pharrell Williams Reveals He Was Fired By McDonald’s THREE TIMES… Years Before Writing the Company’s Famous Jingle

by Greg Campbell | April 10, 2015 6:40 pm

Musician Pharrell Williams recently revealed an ironic twist: he was fired multiple times from McDonald’s years before he wrote their famous jingle. According to the Daily Mail[1]:


Pharrell Williams has revealed he was sacked from THREE different McDonald’s when he was younger.

The singer told Seth Meyers on Wednesday night that he was fired simply for being lazy.

The 42-year-old admitted the only thing he was good at while working there was ‘eating chicken nuggets.

‘I got fired from McDonald’s,’ he told the Late Night With Seth Meyers host. ‘Three times, not just once.

The Voice judge confirmed to a stunned Meyers it was from three different locations, and that ‘you have to figure it out’ if you want to get rehired from the same company that many times.

‘I was lazy. I was very lazy,’ he sheepishly admitted, before doing an impression of his boss barking orders: ‘Williams! Go mop the…. whatever it’s called,’ he trailed off, as Meyers pointed out he deserved to be in trouble if he didn’t even know what a floor was called.

‘You know, I’d go out there, but the problem is is I get caught up in the music, because they would play music in the… I don’t even know what its called. Out in the dining area?’ he said as he continued to struggle with his fast food lexicon.

‘So the music would be playing and I’m like: “I’m a hustler baby!” he sang falsetto as he groovily emulated mopping.

‘At a certain point they just realised that I was no help,’ he conceded. ‘I was only good at eating the chicken nuggets.’

In an ironic twist of fate, Williams would go on to co-write the Justin Timberlake song I’m Lovin’ It, which would ultimately be adapted by the company as a slogan as well as becoming one of the most recognisable jungles of all time.

But he revealed he didn’t  view this as sweet vengeance for getting booted all those years ago.

‘No it wasn’t revenge,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t believe that that was happening. I couldn’t believe that I got that opportunity. That was just like a crazy thing, because I got fired from McDonald’s.’

The lesson here is that perseverance pays off and that a setback does not mean one cannot apply their talents to go on to bigger and better.

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