VIDEO: Philadelphia Woman Witnessed Voter Fraud

VIDEO: Philadelphia Woman Witnessed Voter Fraud


At the end of the day, Donald Trump won the state of PA. Not only that, but he also won the entire election. Running against Hillary R. Clinton, Donald took the traditionally blue state by surprise and added PA to his list of electoral votes. But that, it appears, is despite the efforts of voter fraud. And a Philadelphia woman is willing to speak out about it.

This woman named Brittany Foreman took to Twitter to show the voter fraud that she witnessed. She isn’t afraid to say names as she explains how her boss did a number of things breaking the protocol and rules of the poll booth. This included staying with individuals during their vote and helping them to fill out the forms. He also was handing out materials that were in favor of Hillary R. Clinton. He was pressuring the voters to add their vote to support Hillary R. Clinton.

Obviously, this can not be allowed to go unchecked. Luckily, Hillary Clinton was not able to pull enough votes even with the help of voter fraud and corruption. But that doesn’t take away from the severity and seriousness of actions like these. We cannot allow our country to be ruled by these kinds of actions.

Do you think something should be done? Should this election place and individual be investigated? Should they be held accountable? I absolutely think they should!

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