VIDEO: POV Clip Of Climber Scaling Hong Kong Tower Will Make Your Heart Pound

by Greg Campbell | March 26, 2015 11:10 pm

In one of the craziest videos to hit the web in some time, a young German climber scales a massive building in Hong Kong without the safety of equipment. Mashable[1] offers the video from the GoPro camera and it’s amazing!


A German teenager joins the ranks of daredevil[3] climbers with new GoPro footage showing his ascent to the top of Hong Kong’s 700-foot-tall[4] Lee Gardens One Tower (formerly known as Manulife Plaza).

Eighteen-year-old Andrej Ciesielski[5] is known to scale buildings with no safety equipment to catch him should he slip and fall. In fact, all he carries with him on his sweat-inducing climbs is a camera to document his experiences.

After days of scaling rooftops across Hong Kong, Ciesielski climbed Lee Gardens One Tower in February on his final day in the city, according to a blog post[6] on the trip.

In an email to Mashable, Ciesielski writes, “The thing is that I got caught by a security at the second day in Hong Kong on a hotel roof. We went to the police office they wrote down our names where we stay in Hong Kong everything about us.” He added that he fears that if he’s caught climbing in Hong Kong in the future, he’ll be banned from the city for life. But ever the thrill-seeker, Ciesielski attempted the 700-foot climb anyway.

“The special thing about this building is that it’s a commercial office which is very good [sic] secured,” he wrote. “At the top there is a big spire that is absolutely amazing.”

Remember when you were young an indestructible?

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