VIDEO: Rap Star Lil’ Wayne: I’ve Never Experienced Racism….That’s Still A Thing?

VIDEO: Rap Star Lil’ Wayne: I’ve Never Experienced Racism….That’s Still A Thing?

Lil’ Wayne just put himself out there as a topic of discussion nationwide. He recently sat down for an interview with the annoying idiot, Skip Bayless…yeah. He’s an idiot. How do I know that? Well, just take a look…

Sentencing has been passed. The law has been spoken. If Charles Barkley says Skip Bayless is an idiot, then it is so…


Like we really needed Barkley to tell us that. Judging by Skip’s followup questions, and his reaction to a sincere answer, it’s not hard to see that Skip should not have a job interviewing anyone.

Take a look:

So Lil’ Wayne, one of the most commercially successful rappers today, has stated flat out that race and racism are really not issues for him — in that he’s NEVER dealt with racism. Now he acknowledges that he is extremely blessed, but even so, when he gives his answer multiple times, Skip has the nerve to say, “you really are blessed.”


Really Bayless? Are you so ignorant of the facts that you actually feel that racism runs rampant throughout America? That’s what your remark really reveals about you. What a joke.

On the other hand, Lil’ Wayne really surprised me with not only his thoughtfulness on the subject, but also his honesty. That is a touchy subject to talk about and a lesser man who wasn’t interested in the facts would have played along with the narrative – but he didn’t. He also touched upon one thing that I think was the most important part of the clip – the solution to the perceived race problem Bayless seems to be pushing.

Lil’ Wayne mentions that we need to come together to solve the problem, then he reworded to say that maybe coming together WAS the solution. That is something you will never hear from BLM. At least the leadership. Coming together, opening up to one another, allowing each side of the division to just talk and then validate each other’s personal views, thoughts and feelings. No finger pointing. No shouting down.

Just listen, then speak.

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