VIDEO Reveals Father DUMPING Scared 5 Yr-Old Daughter On Campus Porch At 5 Am With Nothing More Than A Blanket!

by Sonja Bochow | October 15, 2016 9:27 pm


It takes a coldhearted man to leave his 5 year-old daughter[2] out in the cold, 39 degrees to be exact, on a college campus all alone in the dark at 5:30 in the morning. And that is just what this suspect, an Ogden, Utah father, did this past Thursday morning.

CCTV camera footage shows the man leaving his little girl with only a blanket and his jacket and walking away never to return. She was found about 7:30 AM by a campus security, scared and cold, but thankfully unhurt.

The child’s mother said that this despicable man told his daughter as he left her; “shut up, and lay down and go to sleep.” That little girl was abandoned by what appears to be a completely heartless man.


The girl was staying with her father and his family at the time of the abandonment. The mother has also said she attempted in the past to get a protective order against the father, on behalf of her daughter, but was denied by the court. Looks as if the court may not have made the best decision for this child, given the horrendous behavior of this guy. He now could be charged with child abandonment and/or abuse.

At this point, it is fortunate no harm came to this little girl. And it is clear she needs to be kept away from this man. It takes more than DNA to be a dad.

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