This Video Reveals What a Night in Chicago Sounds Like

This Video Reveals What a Night in Chicago Sounds Like

A lot of regional areas, and even states around the country, have different ways of celebrating the many holidays this great nation has to offer. Down south, they have the traditional lucky New Year’s meal, complete with black-eyed peas. In Spain, you eat 12 grapes for 12 months of good luck. In the Philippine, you wear polka dot clothing…don’t ask.


There are plenty of traditions and plenty of routes to take if your are planning on really having a go at a New Year’s tradition…but here’s one you might not have heard of and it comes to you from President Obama’s most cherished city of Chicago – shooting off your gun randomly at the the stroke of midnight. Yep, you read right.

As you may have already known, Chicago has one of the country’s most stringent gun laws in the country and yet, the murder rate of murder by gun in that city is staggering. On any given weekend, expect to Google and read about gang-related shootings that went down and the victims that went down with them. Needless to say, Chicago ain’t the safest city to be relocating to at this time…at least parts of it. That’s why it’s strange to find that the policies set into place have virtually no effect on the actual gun violence. One would think that the best thing to do would be to revisit the shooting problem and maybe, I don’t know, come up with a policy of lack of policy that would actually benefit the city and make it safer…

It wouldn’t happen though. And to prove just how ineffective the gun laws are in Chicago, we’ll leave it to the residents themselves to show you just how much they care about those laws.

The person filming was either a police officer, or private security…and you can see that they are parked under a bridge. Is it too much to assume that they are trying to avoid the falling hot chunks of lead from hitting and potentially hurting or killing them?

What goes up, must come down…

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