VIDEO: Scarborough Trounces Other MSNBC Host Over Discredited ‘Hands up, Don’t Shoot’ Claim

by Rachel Alexander | March 14, 2015 5:24 pm

mrngj[1]Watch Joe Scarborough demolish fellow MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell over the now discredited ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ claim about Michael Brown. Even Eric Holder’s left-wing Department of Justice decided not to bring charges against the police, because there was no evidence to support the claim.[2]

The Daily Caller reports,

The spat began during an interview of St. Louis Police Officers Association representative Jeff Roorda. “I’m just curious,” Scarborough asked, “have the St. Louis Rams contacted you guys and apologized since Eric Holder agreed with your side of the story?” (VIDEO: St. Louis Rams Football Players Surrender In Solidarity With Michael Brown)[3]

“Eric Holder doesn’t agree with the officers’ side of the story,” O’Donnell interrupted. “Eric Holder’s report says they didn’t see that they could make a case beyond a reasonable doubt that would get a conviction.”

“Actually, what they said was that neither– the testimony that said that he had his hands up was not credible,” Scarborough said, “and also…”

“Beyond a reasonable doubt,” O’Donnell interrupted again.

“Also that the forensic evidence did not show that he had his hands up in the air,” Scarborough noted, as Noorda said at the same time, “The conclusion was irrefutable that he’s not guilty.”

“Did not prove it,” O’Donnell stressed.

“It did not support the story,” Scarborough shot back. “And you know…” (VIDEO: Joe Scarborough SLAMS Obama’s ‘Stupid Left-Wing Moral Equivalency’)

“Understand what reasonable doubt is,” said O’Donnell.

Scarborough clearly didn’t enjoy being condescended to. “You know what? Here we go. Thank you so much for giving me a lecture on the law.”

You almost felt sorry for O’Donnell watching the clip. He’s just programmed to repeat left-wing talking points, no matter how ridiculous they sound. He keeps tripping over his words! When Obama’s DOJ says the forensic evidence contradicts the claim that Brown had his hands up, and admits the witnesses who said so were not credible, you just look look like an idiot. Watch the entertainment below.

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