(VIDEO) Shoppers Shocked as Tiny Girl Dragged Across Grocery Store by Security Guard for ‘Stealing Candy Bar’

(VIDEO) Shoppers Shocked as Tiny Girl Dragged Across Grocery Store by Security Guard for ‘Stealing Candy Bar’

By Right Wing News’ Cassy Fiano

Stealing is always wrong — there are not many people who would debate that. But what is the appropriate response to shoplifting? And what if all that was taken was a candy bar? The reaction of a security guard to a tiny teenage girl’s stealing of a candy bar has a lot of people crying foul.

Kirstin Nerton was shopping at the WinCo supermarket in Vancouver, Washington when the altercation took place. She filmed the whole thing and posted it on Facebook with the caption, “Help spread the news how f***ing wrong this is.”

“We pull up to Winco on 136th and see this girl being dragged around by loss prevention over candy she stole,” Nerton said. “Do you think this is okay and they are doing there job or way out of hand?”

The girl’s mother, Jackie VanDuker, acknowledged that her daughter stole from the store, which was wrong. But she wasn’t happy about the way the incident was handled. “It was all wrong. She did steal and that’s wrong, she needs to be held accountable for that candy bar, but the way they handled it was all wrong,” she said.

The girl has been charged with second-degree robbery, a felony charge, because officers say that she resisted arrest and caused minor injuries to the employees.

According to VanDuker, two male employees began sprinting after the 14 year-old girl, which scared her. “There should be consequences for them, for treating a 14 year-old like that,” she continued. “I just know how hard it is going to be with a felony, and over a candy bar? It’s stupid.”

A WinCo spokesperson responded with a statement, saying, “We understand that the media, our customers, and the general public are interested and concerned about the situation. We are continuing to investigate the situation and cooperating fully with local law enforcement, and are unable to provide any further details at this time.”

Do you think the store handled this appropriately? WATCH video below:

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