VIDEO: Soon after this guy tried the drug K2, he was rolling around on the ground

VIDEO: Soon after this guy tried the drug K2, he was rolling around on the ground

Drugs can be a hell of a way to ruin your life. It takes a hold of your life, turns it upside down and very rarely ever lets you go.


Another drug that has taken the streets by storm is the drug SPICE…otherwise known as K2. Its toted as giving the same effects that marijuana does, but it’s synthetically made, so it doesn’t occur naturally. Also, a small detail to this drug is that it completely drives the user batshit crazy!

There have been multiple reports of the drug being used on the streets, with the results being bodies of people completely strung out, laying around on the roads and sidewalks. Now of course there are a plethora of different types of the drug, all ranging in different highs. The user themselves matter as well, with some claiming that the high is just as good as marijuana, without any real adverse effects…then there are others, like this guy, who have complete nightmares…

In the case of this man, he believed he was receiving cannabis straight out…no doubt he was familiar with it as he stated: ‘Don’t tell me how to smoke weed, man’. He had no idea what he was actually smoking was indeed spice. This led to his elevated mood at first, relaxation and then ultimately an altered perception of reality…this was supposed to be a joke…I’m sure everyone that cares about him is just laughing their heads off about it.

The mean was seen stumbling and falling all around, while the wastes of life were laughing and taking their sick advantage of the situation. The video ends with him completely laid out on the ground, with the idiots around him mumbling and walking off.

Drugs are a hell of a freak show when someone is under their influence. Best to take this video as a reminder to stay away from this particular one…if you don’t want to see your skin melt right off of you.

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