VIDEO: Strong BLACK Woman MOCKS Black Women That Support Hillary As SLAVES!

by Sierra Marlee | August 8, 2016 5:24 pm

Oh, this one is going to get some hate, but you know what, it’s about time someone said it. This woman deserves to have her message heard by as many people as possible because she’s using common sense.

It’s refreshing.


From Clash Daily:

Is it racist if a black woman says that other black women are acting like slaves if they support Hillary?

This is going to piss off a WHOLE lot of people.


Do Liberal policies actually help the black community?

We are supposed to be living in an era where everything is getting better for disadvantaged groups. But the same people who are trying to “fix” society are actually making it worse!

How can this be? Because their wrong assumptions lead to wrong solutions to real problems.

This lady is absolutely spot on! Share this with everyone you know!

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