VIDEO: This thief thought he was going get away until the delivery man kicked him in the face

VIDEO: This thief thought he was going get away until the delivery man kicked him in the face

I know we all love The Karate Kid, but shoot, this delivery man has taken it to a whole new level! this guy is now being praised for his quick-thinking, selfless actions and straight up badassery. Keep reading grasshopper and all will be revealed in good time…


It all started with the delivery man unloading packages of bottled water onto a covered sidewalk store front. Soon after, shoppers and workers turn to see a man in a white shirt and hat bolting like crazy, with a police officer right on his tail. The delivery man spotted what was happening right away and with the fury of a thousand Chuck Norrises, Van Dammes, and Bruce Lees (I would include Steven Segal…but the guy is so rotund, I doubt he’s jumped in a very long time), he jumps up and squarely kicks the suspect smack dab in the chest, which instantly sends the man flying to the ground, giving just enough time for the officer to catch up and put him in choke hold.


While the arrest was going down, a large crowd gathered to help the officer secure the man. This whole incident went down in Brazil, although the location is not quite clear.

It’s always great to see a community of strangers come together to help each other out and keep each other in line. It’s amazing how fragile a society can be and yet humans have learned to stick together and follow a set of rules to keep things flowing on the right track. It’s not always going to be all honky-dory, all the time…take 2016 and basically the last 8 years here in America. It’s been rough and probably the roughest for communities and fellow countrymen in a long time…Let’s work for a common good we all can agree on and go from there, eh?

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