VIDEO: This Thug Tried Carjacking a Man With A Gun. Here’s What Happened

by Michael Schaus | May 24, 2015 1:34 pm

I really can’t stress this enough: Concealed Handgun Permits tend to create a very hostile work environment for would-be criminals. A carjacker outside of a Family Dollar store learned the hard way that not everyone is willing to be a victim[1].

Screenshot (149)[2]

Hashim Fannin was getting into his car when a 61 year old would be carjacker, Edgar Horn, got in the passenger side. Fannin wasn’t scared as much as he was offended.

Horn told him to get out of the car, but Fannin wasn’t phased and pulled out his gun.

Fannin felt the need to address Horn’s stupidity:

“Do you just get into random people’s cars? You thought I was your friend? So you woke up stupid this morning?”

Fannin kept Horn at gunpoint in his car until the police arrived.

Edgar Horn, the would-be carjacker, didn’t just “wake up stupid” that morning… Something tells me that might be his natural state.

As it turns out, yet another good guy with a gun stopped yet another crime. And while Mikey Bloomberg is probably crying himself to sleep somewhere, the rest of society (including the cop that thanked our concealed permit holder) can rest easy knowing there is an ever increasing number of Hashim Fannins out there. Criminals, on the other hand, should probably keep this story in mind next time they think about making a victim out of someone.

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