[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Gets Labeled ‘Racist’ By Leftist Media For Calling the NAACP “Discredited.”

by Sonja Bochow | November 20, 2016 12:13 am


For anyone who has been searching the Internet for video of a Liberal arguing[2] his nonsensical points in a weird circular manner, then this video is for you. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson spent quite a while holding Roll Call columnist Jonathan Allen’s feet to the fire about his bogus claim in a recent column that Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is a racist.

Sessions, Trump’s pick for Attorney General, has been under fire from every Leftist in the media ever since the announcement. The only problem is that this guy from Roll Call, along with numerous other Liberal media types, has not been able to describe a single incident of Sessions’ so-called racism.


For his part, Tucker Carlson also took some Liberal heat, being called a racist as well, with Leftists all over the Internet sharing this video of “proof.” Why is he being called a racist? For saying the NAACP was ‘discredited’. Of course he’s right, it is. How can an organization that is focused on helping only people of one skin color NOT be discredited? Why is it okay to tell people that if they are not African American, then the NAACP isn’t interested in helping them? In anyone’s book, that is called racism. So, who’s racist? Not Sessions, not Carlson, but the NAACP.

This video is sure to make anyone’s day as they watch the convoluted squirmings of a Leftist member of the media. He goes through some incredibly flawed arguments for his claim of Session’s racism. And in the end, he actually had no argument at all, only a bunch of logical fallacies dressed up as valid points.

It’s people like Allen that make it almost impossible to read or watch any mainstream news sources. They simply have an agenda. They are out to stop President-elect Trump’s plan and will do whatever it takes to do so.

Jeff Sessions actually desegregated schools and made sure the death penalty was available for a savage KKK murderer. Do those sound like the actions of a racist? No. Sessions will be an excellent AG. No matter what falsehoods the Liberals accuse him of, they will not derail Trump’s intention to make America great again. See video below and prepare to start yelling at your screen.


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