VIDEO: Ukrainian Soldiers Filmed Using CATAPULT To Lob Grenades At Russian Forces?!

VIDEO: Ukrainian Soldiers Filmed Using CATAPULT To Lob Grenades At Russian Forces?!

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When I was a kid we had a ‘wristrocket’ which was a fancy name of saying slingshot. A slingshot is a y-shaped frame with rubber straps to be used as a projectile weapon. We would use it for target practice with rocks and aluminum cans… of course the occasional window got broken.

The origins of the slingshot are interesting because the earliest types are found in Russia. They call it a ‘rogatka’ (a smaller version of a bigger weapon called ‘rogatina’). So it is fitting that we bring to you this video of a Ukranian-made GIANT slingshot or ‘rogatina’ designed to shoot an exploding projectile at a target.

Soon you will see how these Ukrainian soldiers took a video of the huge ‘toy ‘ they built. They had no guided missiles or mortars, but they had hand grenades and ingenuity. This video shows the guys hitting the sweet spot and then making obscene gestures at their enemy.

Reverting to early weapons technology to destroy their opponent with a giant slingshot and yet filming it with a modern day cellphone. Talk about clash of technology! The cameraman asks, ‘What are you going to do? Launch the grenade with this catapult?’ Then the Ukrainian soldiers set the slingshot, pulled back the band and then send the grenade flying through the air towards the Russian front-line. Once the grenade exploded they make bad gestures and swore: ‘F**k you, Russia!’

Some experts say the attack was staged to mock Russian military leaders, who are always bragging about their latest weapons in the media.

But Ukrainian activist Aleksey Mochanov – who raises funds to help supply fighters – praised the tree weapon saying: ‘This weapon has a big plus – no-one is able to track it down.’

WATCH the action of a goant slingshot in the video below:



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•To begin, tie 2 rubber bands together to make a long band. Repeat. If you find you want more power later, you can double up the rubber bands.

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