[VIDEO] Union Caller Better Get a Fire Extinguisher, ‘Cause This Radio Show Rant by Chris Christie’s On Fire!

[VIDEO] Union Caller Better Get a Fire Extinguisher, ‘Cause This Radio Show Rant by Chris Christie’s On Fire!

Christie sure knows how to slam dunk the unions. Check out the video below:

Background Story Here:

Gov. Chris Christie fired back at criticism from a retired union worker, on the latest segment of his monthly radio show.

The caller, identified only as “Bob,” criticized the Governor and his administration for making pension cuts allegedly meant to hurt “the working man.”

After giving Bob a chance to articulate his union-patterned talking points, Christie retaliated with some pointed questions of his own.

From the ensuing interrogation, Christie extracted that Bob retired from the police force at the ripe old age of 58. Since then, Bob has received full medical benefits and a full pension – all at a cost of zero to him.

So who’s paying for Bob to sit back and enjoy retirement? That’s right, Gov. Christie – the taxpayers of New Jersey.

With this in mind, Christie tells Bob that all he wants is for the public workers of New Jersey to pay a fair share for the benefits they receive, just like every other “working man.” As Christie reminds Bob,

“You pay significantly less . . . for your healthcare than the private sector and get significantly better benefits . . . Fact is, that folks in your line of work . . . should pay a fair share of your health benefits and it should not be on the back of every taxpayer in this state.”

Good thing Bob still has that Cadillac insurance plan. He’s gonna need to go grab some salve for that third degree burn he just got from the Governor.


Pretty much…don’t be a hypocrite and expect to NOT be called out on it. Most people can smell union rhetoric a mile away. What’s your take on public servants getting a free ride?


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