VIDEO: University officials in Florida authorize Pro-ISIS Club, “JUST CHANGE THE NAME”

by John Brodgian | March 31, 2015 8:44 am

You all saw the O’Keefe video of the Cornell dean who was going to allow a pro-ISIS club on campus, right?  Well, he’s got a new video out and it’s much worse[1]…


Following a similar shocking video at Cornell University released by James O’Keefe last week, Barry University officials in Florida also sanction a pro-ISIS club with the stated goal of sending material support to ISIS. The only suggestion by Barry officials was to change the name of the club “because technically our country is at war with ISIS.”

This video is far more explicit than the one at Cornell, so there is no doubt that this Barry University official new exactly what the student was asking.

This is college, folks.  Watch below.

  1. and it’s much worse:
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