VIDEO: Watch ‘Freddy Kreuger-style attacker’ wearing glove w/ 5 blades restrained by 10 cops

by Rachel Alexander | February 20, 2016 4:46 pm

knives[1]The tough thing about being in law enforcement in Britain is you generally don’t get to carry a gun. So when a guy who looks like Freddy Kreuger comes at you with five blades on his fingers, it’s not easy to handle him — it’s not like you can say “Hands up or I’ll shoot!”[2]

The Mirror has the story and ran a video clip of 10 British policemen all trying to deal with the creepy guy,

Shocked members of the public spotted the man wearing a glove with lethally-sharp spines, just like the frightening character in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.

The police were inundated with emergency calls as the suspect loitered around a hospital and was reported to be “behaving very violently and waving the blades on his hand in an intimidating way.”

Two officers went to the scene first but had to call in substantial reinforcements.

The video shows how at least ten police wearing full combat gear and carrying shields approached him but still had extreme difficulty in bringing him under control. He was eventually put in handcuffs and arrested.

Police had to call medics to treat the man following his arrest and he was taken to a nearby hospital. Later, he was charged with violating enforcement officers.

It makes you wonder what would compel someone to behave like that? Was he high? Mentally ill? It is fortunate none of the police officers were injured. Otherwise, there could be a backlash against the prohibition on them carrying firearms. The latter wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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