VIDEO: Watch Russian Special Forces Assassinate ISIS Terrorists

by McIntosh | December 13, 2016 2:10 am

Footage has come out revealing Russian troops engaging rebel groups on the ground in Syria for the first time. The footage was broadcast on state-owned TV channel Rossiya 24 yesterday and shows special forces[1] killing rebels, completing sniper missions and employing robot tanks to scout out locations along the city streets. It also shows Putin’s special operation units taking part in search and rescue operations and coordinating airstrikes along with the Syrian army.


In some of the more nasty recordings, the soldiers can also be seen shooting targets at close range before going in to inspect the corpses for any pertinent intelligence.

The host of the weekly news show that ran the footage said it was filmed in Syria, but would not reveal any more details on the exact location.

Russia let loose its special forces in Syria for the first time during the recapture of the city of Palmyra from ISIS in March.

But so far, there is no reliable information on the number of deployed or their exact location. However, it was reported today that ISIS has retaken territory close to Palmyra and that a suspected gas attack had gone down.


Crediting local sources close to the site of the attack in eastern Hama province, the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights said there were cases of asphyxiation which may be linked to the 52 people that were killed. The reported operation came from the air and took place near the town of Uqairabat, which lies on a main road leading south into Palmyra from government-held territory, the Observatory said, without stipulating who might have been the cause of the attack.

Amaq, a news service that has ties to ISIS, said in an online statement that 20 people had died and around 200 were injured from breathing problems ‘as a result of a Russian air attack with sarin gas’.

But both the Syrian army and Russia have vehemently denied using any sort of chemical weapon.

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