VIDEO: When This Little Girl Read A List Of Why She Is Thankful For Our Police, There Wasn’t A Dry Eye In The Room

by John Brodgian | March 27, 2015 9:44 am

There has been a lost of disrespect directed towards police in the media and on social media lately.  This 10-year-old from Austin reminds us all just how important the job is[1]…


It all starts with A little girl in Austin, Texas that was so impressed and inspired by her local police officers that she decided to express her gratitude in the cutest way possible.

Just 10-years-old, and already treating such a tragedy of NYPD officers with such dignity and respect. She knew that she wanted to support police officers, and when she put her mind to it, found a way to do so.

Wow. If only everyone in the world would respect the people that administer freedom in the way that Savannah does.

Amen.  Grab some tissues.  Watch the video.

  1. reminds us all just how important the job is:
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