VIDEO: White Boy Gets Help from an Unlikely Hero While Being Jumped by Two Guys

VIDEO: White Boy Gets Help from an Unlikely Hero While Being Jumped by Two Guys

This is one that will have you proud that protectors and sheepdogs don’t give a hoot about the color of skin. A schoolyard fight was caught on camera again, but it goes down quite differently than what you would expect, based off the first couple seconds of the brutal recording. One part that will have you disgusted with the tactics used by two bullies and another part will reveal that racist hate groups like BlackLivesMatter and The New Black Panthers aren’t as influential as the liberal media would have you believe.


You are going to witness how the color of one’s skin doesn’t keep you segregated as these hate groups would have you think and believe.

As the clip opens up, a white male student is seated at a bench on school property, playing with his phone, when all of the sudden, two black students swing on him from behind. The first punch lands square on the kid’s jaw and he’s left with the only option of curling up in a defensive position. The two bullies are throwing punches as fast as they can, hitting their victim anywhere they can connect.

All seems lost for the victim at first…until two students, one male and one female, step in to even the odds and protect the defenseless boy. Oh, and guess what? They’re black.

Now, it shouldn’t be a surprise to the majority of Americans living today that these two good Samaritans would stick up for another white student. The color of one’s skin isn’t a measure of the heart and if you don’t believe that, you are either a progressive racist, or you are an elderly racist living out life in the past. That’s not American.

These two sheepdogs didn’t give a crap about the color of skin. They saw a sheep being devoured by wolves and they came roaring in to protect him. These two are truly heroes.

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