VIDEO: White, Liberal UCLA Student Tries to Lecture Black Cop About Racism and Gets Schooled

As long as there are white liberals who will jump at the opportunity to make someone feel bad about their skin color, there will be racism. This is especially true in predominantly liberal “establishments of higher education,” where students are taught to see the color of someone’s skin, not the content of their character. Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed.


From YoungCons:

On Tuesday thoughtful college students white liberal drones from UCLA actually lectured a black police officer about racism. You can’t make this stuff up.

Here are some gems from the video:

UCLA Student: “As a person of color, are you ashamed to be part of such a corrupt system?…As a black man, have you ever experienced racism?”

Officer: “I know racism. I can spot it.” The cop goes on to talk about how he was raised in Jackson, Mississippi so he can spot real racism when he sees it. Something this girl has no idea about.

UCLA Student: “Do you accept that there are covert types of racism? Racism is a structure of power. You are a black man. You are kept down by your race, even if you won’t accept it.”

Officer: “Think about it. There are people who don’t like me–they don’t know me–because of my uniform. Is that discrimination or not? Yes or no?”

UCLA Student: “That’s a bias. Job discrimination is different. I’m talking about your race. The color of your skin…You’re a black man. You’ll never reach the same pinnacle as a white man in this system, because you are black.”

Officer: “It doesn’t matter what the race of someone is.”

UCLA Student: “Yes it does!”

Oh yes, we have the video of this whole exchange. Enjoy the idiocy below.

He’ll never reach the same pinnacle as a white man? We have a black man in the White House for Pete’s sake! The only racism that I see is coming from the side that is trying to convince blacks that they will never be anything other than a black person.

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