WAIT! What Obama Is Forcing The Army To Do Now Is Going TOO FAR!

WAIT! What Obama Is Forcing The Army To Do Now Is Going TOO FAR!

Alright, I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with this kinda crap coming from our government. This is getting WAY out of hand.

The taxpayers should not have to be forced to provide an extensive amount of money for medically unnecessary surgery. I understand that you may have been born a boy, but now feel in your heart of hearts that you are a girl, but it’s not America’s job to facilitate that transition.

Let me explain why this is a bad idea using just numbers, before the progressives get all, “YOU ARE TRANSPHOBIC AND HATE OUR TROOPS,” on me.


This story comes to you courtesy of USA Today who reported the following:

Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning has been assured she will receive gender reassignment surgery while in prison, her lawyer said late Tuesday.

Manning, convicted in the massive leak of national security secrets that propelled WikiLeaks to prominence, is serving a 35-year sentence at the Army’s prison at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. She is eligible for parole in about six years. Manning ended a hunger strike begun last week after receiving assurances that the government would provide the surgery, said Chase Strangio, her lawyer and an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union. Manning’s doctors recommended in April that she have the male-to-female surgery, Strangio said. No timeline has been set for her surgery, Strangio said.

Manning will meet with her doctors in the next week or two. Manning sued for access to hormone treatment, and the Army agreed to provide it last year. In July, the Pentagon repealed its ban on allowing transgender troops to serve. It also announced that it would begin medical treatment for transgender troops, including reassignment surgery.

According to the RAND Corp., there are anywhere from 1,320 to 6,630 transgender troops in the military right now. As it stands, the cost for one person to undergo the full transition is in the neighborhood of $50K.

So let’s engage in some basic math:

1,320 * $50,000 = $66,000,000 or $66M

6,630 * $50,000 = $331,500,000 or $331.5B

American taxpayers would have to cough up between $66M and $331.5B to send all of the transgender troops through counseling, hormone-replacement therapy and eventually, though it is rare, gender reassignment surgery.

I’m sorry, but that’s just not money that we have right now. We’re almost $20T in debt and we’re staring down the barrel of economic collapse, and you think you’re entitled to have your gender changed for “free”? No, I don’t think so.

This has nothing to do with how I think the troops should be treated by the government, but we have to put our foot down somewhere. We can’t just keep doing things because a certain segment of the population thinks that we have to give people whatever they want, based on “feelings” with no regard as to how it’s actually going to be paid for in the real world.

While it would be nice to live in an alternate universe where money is no object and people could do whatever they wanted without financial pressure, that is NOT the world we live in. We need to recognize that there is a clear difference between immediate needs and wants.

If you want to shift yourself to the opposite gender, that’s fine, but do so with your own money because as a nation, we can’t afford it. It’s not about YOU as an individual, it’s about what YOU want US to pay for.

You don’t go out and buy a new car when the bills are piling up and you have no way to pay for them.

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