Wanna-Be-Activist: Michael Sheen Says He’s Quitting Acting…To Counter TRUMP’S ‘Hard Populist Right’ Movement Around The World

Wanna-Be-Activist: Michael Sheen Says He’s Quitting Acting…To Counter TRUMP’S ‘Hard Populist Right’ Movement Around The World

You may remember Michael Sheen from his many roles as a vampire, a werewolf and a few political figures. Or the actor who called for foreign aide money NOT to be used for the flooding victims in his home country, The UK… Yeah, that guy. I think the man may be a bit confused, thinking he is still playing a role, because he has claimed that he is stepping back from his acting career to fight against the rise of the ‘hard populist right’ as an activist…Oh geez, he’s for real.


The stage and screen actor said the ‘demagogic, fascistic’ change in politics, including the election of Donald Trump, has really drove his desire to attempt to counter it…

With what? Leftist Extremism? Yeah, let’s just keep swinging this pendulum back and fourth. Now here is a man that believes he is right on all issues and no one else’s thoughts, opinions or feelings matter, so long as it doesn’t align with his. Do you think he would give a single Trump supporter the time of day to explain just why they voted for him?

When hell freezes over.

Not that anyone cares what an actor thinks to begin with, but if he’s going to be countering what he calls ‘demagogic’, he better learn what he is ACTUALLY countering and stop painting the right in a broad brush. It’s a spectrum, just like everything else, jackass.


The 47 year-old Welshman said that grassroots organizing is going to be his wheelhouse, in his home town of Port Talbot. The goal is to fight the rise of the ‘hard populist right’ which has emerged in countries around the world like the UK, the US, France and Austria.

Here’s a question he could ask himself… What has caused this supposed rise of the ‘hard populist right’? Could it be that the left has so denigrated and labeled the right as total racists and fascists? Ignoring what they have to say and contribute? Or have you leftists actually treated them as if they were a part of the people? That they mattered?

Sheen spoke to reporters about his new move:

‘It means that I would work less as an actor, and possibly stop. Once I’m in, I’m fully in, and this is big. It will be a big change for how people relate to me.’

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