WARNING: Mother Dies from ‘Excessive Consumption of Caffeine’

by John Brodgian | November 5, 2015 2:30 pm

Let this be a teachable moment[1]. Too much of anything is bad for you, including caffeine and soda…

WARNING: Mother Dies from 'Excessive Consumption of Caffeine'[2]

A mum died of a caffeine overdose after drinking eight litres of Pepsi Max which reacted with prescription drugs, an inquest heard.

Victoria Lane, 38, drank up to four ­two-litre bottles of the fizzy drink to help with the side effects of medication that gave her a dry mouth.

Ms Lane struggled with anxiety and paranoia since being involved in a serious car crash when she was 16.

Apparently she also drank a litre of vodka a day as well, but a coroner ruled it was the caffeine/cola combination that killed her. Well, that combined with the prescription drugs.

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