WARNING: U.S. Intelligence WARNS America Of Possible TERROR ATTACK Day Before Election

WARNING: U.S. Intelligence WARNS America Of Possible TERROR ATTACK Day Before Election


Honestly, something like this brings your mind back to what really matters. This election has been ugly. And I mean really disgustingly ugly. Everything that could be offensive and disrespectful has been brought up. Race relations are at an all time low. And do not even get me started on WikiLeaks, FBI investigations, Facebook rants and sexual assault charges. It has just been ugly and depressing.

It makes it easy to lose sight of what is really important. We as an American people are what matter. Our humanity, our lives and our future are what matter. And the safety of the people we love, even when we disagree with them, that matters.

According to CBS News, there have been terrorist threats issued for the day before the election next week. CBS News senior investigator, producer Pat Milton, said that United States Intelligence has alerted them to a potential al Qaeda led joint terrorism task force threat in three separate states.

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It is, of course, just a potential threat. And nothing has been confirmed. But it is a big enough threat that they have felt it necessary to alert the public. The states that are believed to be currently targeted are Texas, New York and Virginia. But within those states there haven’t been any details given. They have said it is just out of an abundance of caution that has led them to go public with the threat.

As scary as this threat is, it really is the perfect reminder. Whether we agree or disagree, the people of this nation are what are truly important. It is lives and liberty that are really being threatened. We can’t lose sight of the true enemy. The enemy is not out neighbors and political rivals. It is the people who want to destroy us.


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