WATCH: The Moment Crazed Man Covered in Blood Tries to Attack Two Women and a Child

by Michael Schaus | May 2, 2015 10:04 am

Terrifying images of a bloodied man attacking two young women in Los Angeles has emerged. Luckily the women escaped with their lives, and the man was ultimately arrested[1]; but the incident seems to demonstrate the age-old truth that police are rarely where you need them when you need them.

Screenshot (140)[2]

Shocking footage has emerged of two young women and an elderly lady fighting for their lives, as a man covered in blood chases after them, attempting to kidnap one of the women’s two-year-old niece.

At first, the attacker can be seen standing in the doorway of Hesperia City Hall in Los Angeles. Then he begins chasing the women.

The victims ran down the hall, but eventually 30-year-old Reginald Peralta had them cornered. He began striking them, smearing blood across their faces and bodies…

The women, however, were not going down without a fight…

Recalling the event to CBSLA, twenty-four-year-old Jessica Corrales said:

“I just saw my mom with blood on her… And my niece. So then I said, ‘OK, somebody needs to do something.’ So I saw some folding chairs, I picked up the chair and I just started beating him with it.”

Shortly after the women had detained the deranged man, city officials arrived and subdued him.

I can’t help but think a concealed weapon might have come in handy for these women. Fortunately, these women were able to defend themselves without the great equalizer of a firearm, but things could have gone much worse had city officials not arrived on scene.

  1. the women escaped with their lives, and the man was ultimately arrested:
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