We’re Not Going To Have To Go It Alone

by John Hawkins | September 12, 2002 9:49 pm

We’re Not Going To Have To Go It Alone: I’d advocate hitting Iraq whether we had to go it alone or not, but we’re gaining more and more allies by the day.

Although I certainly had my doubts for a while, Tony Blair and the Brits[1] are going to come through in the clutch. John Howard and the Aussies[2] are with us too. Spain? They’re going to be on board[3]. Israel? They’re ‘loyal soldier(s)’[4] and they’ll be with us until the end.

Across the Middle East, deals are being reached behind the scenes. According to an article on World Net Daily[5] today, the US has deals in the works with, “Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

As we get closer to hitting Iraq expect Turkey, France, & Russia among others to also publicly favor a strike on Iraq.

Now a lot of people may not understand why these nations are going to back the US after spending the last few months so publicly disagreeing with us. The truth is that the leaders of these nations would prefer that we NOT hit Iraq. But on the other hand, they know that if we decide to invade Iraq, we’re going to succeed.

Do these nations really want to be on the sidelines when Hussein goes down and his people are cheering their liberation in the streets? A lot of these countries have strong financial ties to the current Iraqi regime. Those ties could easily be broken if they’re perceived as backing the wrong side in the war. For example, Hussein owes Russia billions of dollars. If Russia doesn’t support the war and Hussein is overthrown, you could expect to see the new Iraqi regime declare those debts “invalid” with the behind the scenes support of the United States. But if Russia plays ball, the United States would insist that Russia be paid.

The squawking isn’t over yet, but as we get closer and closer to an actual attack, you’re going to see a lot of nations change their tunes.

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