What Is Going To Appease The World

What Is Going To Appease The World?: I received an email today from someone named KuoYen Lo. It read…

“I am a high school student, currently enrolled in a U.S. government class and I was wondering if there was any way that the inspectors could actually find enough evidence to appease the world?

My take is that it always seems like from public opinion that they need to find an actual working bomb pointed at one direction in order to appease the world.

Any clarifications or input would be appreciated.”

To begin with, there was NEVER any chance that the inspectors could actually disarm Iraq. You’re talking about sending a few hundred people into a brutal & uncooperative police state that’s roughly the size of California to look for small, easily movable biological and chemical weapons. The inspectors could run around Iraq for a hundred years without making a big dent in Saddam’s WMD programs. And that’s not even taking into account the fact that some of the weapons inspectors may be compromised or that Saddam has only allowed the inspectors into Iraq because Bush has threatened to use force.

So why were the inspectors sent in at all if they had no real chance of success? It’s a delaying tactic, pure and simple. The hope is that this whole thing can be dragged out endlessly until the pro-war side loses momentum and gives up. That’s why no evidence will ever be enough for the anti-war crowd. Heck, even if Hans Blix did find, “an actual working bomb pointed at one direction” it wouldn’t make any difference. Then these same people who’ve been plugging inspections would simply switch tactics and demand that we take care of some other issue first. The inspections are all about obstructing the war, not disarming Saddam. Once you understand that, everything should make a lot more sense.

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