What Obamunists Want of Their God

by Van Helsing | January 21, 2009 12:55 pm

Normally it’s good for politicians to listen to their constituents. But this is far from the case for Chairman O, whose supporters bubble over with idiotic ideas, as evidenced by the notions they expressed at Change.gov[1], a site that allowed the gibbering hordes of Obamatrons to provide their input.

Comments are closed now, and the results are in regarding the top requests[2] from Obamaland:

7. Ban private health insurance.
6. Revoke the Bush tax cuts, plunging us farther into recession.
5. Permanently close facilities to incarcerate bloodthirsty terrorists who are trying to kill us.
4. Waste still more fortunes on light rail boondoggles.
3. Stop teaching abstinence and train children how to fornicate.
2. Become the “greenest” country in the world, despite the totalitarian measures this would require and the economic collapse it would cause.
1. End marijuana prohibition.

Bad as Obama might be, he’s unlikely to be as awful as the unhinged cretins who elected him. My advice would be to give them No. 1; then they’ll be too stoned to remember the rest of their demented demands.

On a tip from Todd D. Cross-posted at Moonbattery[3].

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