What Will The Democrat Congress Do In 2009?

by William Teach | November 16, 2008 8:57 am

Everyone is asking “WWBD?” as of late. What Will Barry Do? is obviously of importance, considering all the hopiness and changiness that Barry promised to the weak minded dupes who never thought to inquire why they were serving on something called a “Death Star.” Patterico solicited ideas[1] on this the other day, and there were some pretty good answers.

Some policy decisions are pretty simple

Other then that, I do not expect him to actually get much of his legislation passed. I doubt much of it will even make it to committee. The Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid led Congress has their own agenda, and if happens to coincide with President Obama’s, so be it. But, do not expect much legislation to get actually passed. This is a legislative body which couldn’t even pass a resolution[2]expressing sympathy for the residents of Greensburg, Ks, after the massive tornado, nor one expressing support of the goals and ideals of Mother’s Day, without first sending simplistic legislation like that to committee. It took them months to pass the Greensburg resolution. The Mother’s Day one never did. So, what do they do in 2009?

As far as it goes, I believe the Congress will have about as cozy a relationship with Obama as they did with Bush. They will do what they want to do, not what Obama wants them to do. He may want to appear centrist during his first year, but, what he will look like will be a dupe of Congress. They will be passing legislation that he really wants, but didn’t want to go for so quick.

What do you think will happen?

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove[3]

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