Wheelchair-bound woman gang-raped by six Muslim migrants at asylum center

Wheelchair-bound woman gang-raped by six Muslim migrants at asylum center

A wheelchair-bound woman in her 30’s was gang-raped after asking to use the toilet at the asylum center where they were located.

The police were called after a large crowd of citizens gathered around the center and began throwing rocks.


The victim’s lawyer says that the assault started on the toilet and that other men soon joined in. She could not resist physically, but claims that she did say “no” repeatedly.

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After the assault, she was able to escape the building.

The men were arrested but because there was not enough evidence to keep them in jail, they were released. In Sweden, there needs to be threats or violence in a rape case to convict, but because this woman was wheelchair-bound, it was fairly easy to over-power her without the use of threats and/or violence.

The townspeople responded with marches and protests.

The head of the town’s police force issued a statement on the case and the responses to it by the people.

‘Gotland is safe, compared to other places, and there are few crimes compared to the rest of the country. But the way people have now acted is unprecedented.’

“Unprecedented?” A woman was raped and you let her rapists go and they are continuing to live in your country. Maybe THAT is what has them all stirred up.

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