When This Female Air Force Vet Saw Protesters Stepping on the Flag, It Took Four Cops to Bring Her Down.

This Air Force vet saw protesters desecrating OUR flag.  I’m surprised it didn’t take more that four cops to slow her down.


Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart was detained — but not charged — in Georgia after an altercation in which she took a flag from Valdosta State University protesters who were stepping on it, the Valdosta Daily Times reported.

Video from the scene shows Manhart debating with the protesters as she clutches the tattered flag in her hands.

“This flag actually belongs to the entire United States,” Manhart asserts as the protesters argue that she stole their property.

The protester claimed that Manhart was “stealing” the flag from her, but we think it could better be described as “liberating” the flag from anti-American forces.

This first picture is what was going on at Valdosta "State" University for 3 days…The campus refused to do anything about it … So we decided to get the flag and give it the respect it deserved…We just wanted to remove it and dispose of it properly…The American flag represents our Freedom why would you want to walk on that??? Please repost as much as possible make this go viral people need to see the truth…I wonder if "Donors" of VSU are ok with this blatant disrespect of the flag.

Posted by Michelle Manhart on Friday, April 17, 2015

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