Where Liberalism Leads

by Morgan Freeberg | December 14, 2008 11:34 am

You’ve already seen this story many times…as We[1], Anthem[2], 1984[3], Brave New World[4], THX-1138[5], Soylent Green[6], Logan’s Run[7], that weird Apple Macintosh commercial[8], etc. etc. etc….

…Chris Muir scribbled down his vision of it[9] two weekends ago. It’s a vision worth repeating over and over, because it’s where we’re headed. All liberals agree we should trudge off in this direction, they only disagree about how far. That is the point that has to be stressed, because it is one hundred percent true. (Click to view larger.)


Strength, aggression, recklessness, creativity, innovation, intuition, pride, individuality, manhood, the instinct to protect, faith, weaponry…a halfway decent long-term memory…you know, if those things were banned-outright, it wouldn’t be nearly so frightening. What all those stories listed above have to do with these precious commodities of humanity, is not that the commodities are actually banned, but rather that they are seized for the purpose of erecting and preserving the state. Our liberals have demonstrated over and over again — all those things are fine if they’re brandished or used in service of liberalism. It’s when they’re used for something else, that you’re supposed to give ’em up or put ’em away.
This is the paradox we embrace when we vote for left-wingers. The underlying concern is what bubbled to the surface in the Watergate days, and lingered under the surface in the decades before that — that our government will insist on making all our decisions for us, and ultimately fail to respect human life. In Logan’s Run, when you turn 30 (or 21) your time is up; in Soylent Green, people eat human flesh without knowing it; in THX, Anthem and We, procreation is controlled and devoid of passion. Our phobia is the lack of respect for human life.

So then we vote in these liberals, who don’t have any respect for human life. They’re dedicated to killing off, at whatever sluggish pace they need to proceed in order to keep their popular support somewhat intact, all of these things that make human life as we know it possible. All the things that nourish it, make it grow, give it hope.

Thing I Know #287. To live a life devoid of recklessness, is the most reckless thing any thinking human can do.[11]

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