While Everyone Was Obsessing Over Trump, THIS Happened…

While Everyone Was Obsessing Over Trump, THIS Happened…

Jaw dropping figures have been released in a report that prove that putting the right person in the White House this next election is crucial. Not only does history warn us of this, but we have a prime example of what could happen if we don’t as well..


Soaring immigration and sky-high birth rates have seen the number in the country double in a little over a decade. Some parts of London are now almost 50 per cent Islamic, according to analysis from the Office for National Statistics.

If current trends continue the areas could become majority Muslim within ten years. One in four Muslims in England and Wales are under ten years old than in any other age group indicating a very high birth rate within the community.

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Followers of Islam now make up one in every 20 people within the country. Tower Hamlets in East London had the highest percentage of Muslims with 45.6 per cent and neighbouring Newham wasn’t far behind on 40.8 per cent.

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain said: “This statistic highlights the diversity in modern Britain, and the need that this is reflected in all spheres of life, from top management opportunities to political representation.”

Yes, there are “no-go” zones in European nations where even the police fear to tread – that’s not assimilation, it’s infiltration and at worst, invasion. That is the Trojan horse of Al Hijra as laid out in the Explanatory-Memorandum, written in 1991 by Mohammed Akhram for the Muslim Brotherhood, where they described how they’d “sabotage its [America’s] miserable house by its own hand.”

That’s what stealth jihad is all about and the useful idiots of the PC liberal progressive left who champion diversity, multiculturalism, and accommodation are doing just as the Brotherhood stated: destroying our house by our own hand.

I am not an Islamapologist. I am a realist and see clearly what’s happening. One just has to ask, why are the Chaldeans, Assyrians, and Coptic Christians struggling to gain entry into western nations — America as well? Hats off to Israel who opened up its arms to welcome Yemeni and Ethiopian Jews to its homeland. Instead, we are welcoming the enemy amidst the throngs of those who claim to seek respite from the chaos which their own religious belief creates.

Nope, I’m not down with banning folks, but I do not agree that military-aged single males should be roaming the streets. What I do want, is for people to come and appreciate the American experience — but any Muslim who embraces a post-622 AD, Al Hijra, Islamic totalitarian view has no place in western civilization. It’s time we stop blaming ourselves and demand a reform of Islam. This is a cancerous tumor whose invasive nature will bring about death.

Let me close by reminding you once again: when tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide.

There has been warning after warning, how many people are listening, I do not know….but this next election seems like it could mean all the difference.

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