White Professor: We’re All White Supremacists That ‘Dehumanize People Of Color In This Country’

by Greg Campbell | June 22, 2015 2:22 pm

Modern academia has veered sharply from what once was a noble endeavor: to enlighten and to educate. Now, higher education in America is centered on indoctrination and one such dedicated propagandist appeared on MSNBC recently to blame the recent Charleston shooting on Americans[1] as a whole, who she claims are “white supremacists” who treat citizens of color as subhuman.


A college professor believes the blame for the Charleston church massacre rests on America being an inherently “white supremacist society.”

Caroline Heldman, professor of politics at Occidental College, appeared on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” Friday and told host Ed Shultz that “we dehumanize people of color in this country.”

“I think it’s a myth to think racists are unusual,” Heldman said. “We are a white supremacist society. We are a society that, on it’s face, values white people — what they do and their body, their integrity — more than people of color.”

But wait, there’s hope she said.

“Once a white person recognizes this, if they are given the opportunity and privilege of education, then it is a constant struggle throughout the course of your lifetime to overcome it.”

And by education she means liberal college indoctrination.

Can there be any doubt any longer that higher education in America is simply a series of indoctrination centers that prioritizes promoting radical liberalism over promoting thought?

There is simply nothing that we can say to these nutcases that will advance the discussion; the left has made up their collective mind that America is, and will always be, a racist nation and the more we argue, the more entrenched their mindset becomes.

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