White Teacher Is Suspended For His Michael Jordan Costume…That He’s Been Wearing For 18 YEARS! – Video

White Teacher Is Suspended For His Michael Jordan Costume…That He’s Been Wearing For 18 YEARS! – Video

A white teacher in Seattle has been put on administrative leave for the costume he wore to school. A costume that he had worn for the last 18 years and only now he’s been attacked by the socialist crybabies that the government is growing these days. Would you like to know what the costume was?


He wore a rubber mask of Michael Jordan – which his scumbag students called cultural appropriation.

Peter Colino, a math teacher at Ingraham High School, dressed up as Michael Jordan, using a rubber mask, the NBA star’s Chicago Bulls jersey, a sweatband and also wore black gloves.

A video of Colino in the costume spread through the school quickly after it was shared on millennials’ favorite waste of time, Snapchat – but it also led to a parent complaining to the principal.

The seasoned math teacher has since apologized to his students, but said he’s worn the same costume to the school for the last 18 years and asserts that his intent was to ‘honor’ Jordan, not cause these babies any offense, cause goodness knows they couldn’t handle it.

One piece of work mother was apparently ‘floored’ when her son, who is black and a former student of Colino’s, sent her screenshots of him in the costume.

‘I couldn’t even believe the lapse of judgement, he was just disgusted. I was very grateful that he’s not in that man’s class anymore.’

Oh, give us a break lady. 3 years ago, you wouldn’t have batted an eye. This is how sick and twisted this country has become. People would rush to call this guy (who’s probably one of those teachers that agree with today’s movements) a racist, not giving one iota of a thought that maybe he just really likes Michael Jordan, I mean, he’s been dressing like him for the last 18 YEARS!

Colino said he does this little stunt every year to have fun with his students and get them excited about his math class.

He tells them Jordan is going to be a guest in the class and arrives in costume before playing a five-minute highlight reel of the legendary athlete’s greatest moments. (Yeah, that sure does sound like a racist, huh?)

‘He is, to me, the greatest, I’m going to say, athlete of all time and my whole deal is to honor Michael Jordan,’ Colino spoke with reporters.

Some students like Dillon Mahone, found it amusing.

‘I laughed. It was funny. I didn’t mind it, seemed cool to me,’ he said.

While yet others, of course, called his costume cultural appropriation. After a complaint to the principal, Colino did what he has up until now, never had to do. That is, take his mask off and didn’t wear it for the rest of the day. The following day, he kowtowed to all of his inquisition-esqe, overbearing, spoiled students in each of his classes and spoke with them about race.

They promptly realized that they were being out of this world ridiculous and have apologized themselves…except that didn’t happen, because on Thursday, Colino got the notice that he was indeed being put on paid administrative leave pending an ‘investigation’.

Oh, look! The school has it’s own Gestapo…

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