Who Wants A Filibuster?

by Melissa Clouthier | November 19, 2008 11:07 am

What is best for the country is a Senate where Republicans hold on to the filibuster. (That becomes less likely as Ted Stevens[1] goes down for the count.) It will moderate choices, give the government some form of restraint. Maybe. The Senate is packed full of chummy buds and plenty of Republicans who will do their master’s bidding. Oh! You think I mean the voters? Au contraire. mon ami. I’m talking about Democrat Senators.

But here’s the thing about the Republicans having the filibuster. As long as they have it, every “bad” thing ever done or not done or thwarted will be blamed on Republicans. It won’t matter that there’s a Democrat in the White House. It won’t matter that Democrats control the House like they have for two years. It won’t matter that the Democrats control the Senate in a huge way. No, the way every piece of hung up legislation will be handled will be be to blame the Republicans even though they have next to zero power to stop anything any Democrat wants.

There is a reason the Democrats are bringing the Auto execs to capital hill now. They have political cover–they can still blame the Republicans for a failed bailout.

In a couple months, Democrats have to balance the budgets (yeah, right), figure out how to not look like weak losers when it comes to our military engagements, keep psychotic leftists hell-bent on destroying America’s social fabric happy and they have to do all this without excuse. They own it.

They own it all without reservation if Republicans don’t have the filibuster in the Senate.

Americans watch with keen interest how the hope and change crowd are hopefully going to change things. That is to say, Americans, the fickle pickles that they are, want some change but not too much change. The Democrats overreach and they will be punished. After eight years of non-stop bitching, moaning and complaining, they have it all. Americans gave it to them. The mood is generally: Shut up and get to work.

What will Nancy Pelosi have without the foil of George Bush to blame every one of her embarrassing failures on? How will Harry Reid appease the Kos Kids[2] out for blood, literally? How will Barack Obama entreat the bitter Leftists while keeping the idealistic electorate convinced of his centrality?

A filibuster gives these opportunists cover. They don’t deserve it. But America will pay a steep price along the way for the lack of it.

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