Whopping 60 percent of Hispanic voters do not want a path to citizenship

by Rachel Alexander | July 18, 2015 2:57 pm

citizenship[1]The left keeps trying to pretend that Hispanics want amnesty for illegal immigrants, but the polls contradict them. Most Hispanics in the country legally think everyone should have to play by the same rules. [2]

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports,

Of the 62 percent who felt a pathway to citizenship for illegals would not benefit the country, 33 percent felt it would hurt the economy, 7 percent felt it would overly burden public schools and 10 percent felt it would create public safety issues, the McKeon & Associates Wednesday poll found[3].

“The economy is still the issue,” Michael McKeon told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “When 33 percent think immigration will hurt the economy, that’s what’s on their mind.”

Asked which plan they would support to help solve the problem, 26 percent said “no immigration until the border secure,” and 29 percent said illegals should be allowed to stay and work, but should not be granted a pathway to citizenship. One percent did not respond.

The poll found strong partisan support for the passage of federal legislation that would require an illegal alien with felony convictions arrested in a sanctuary city to stand trial for entering the country illegally and if convicted be imprisoned for at least five years.

It’s too bad the left pretends to speak for all Hispanics and treats them monolithically as a constituency of the Democrat Party. They’re not, they’re individuals with their own viewpoints and many of them are quite socially conservative. Let’s stop letting the Democrats talk down to everyone, it’s insulting.

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