WikiLeaks BUSTS Hillary Keeping Anthony Weiner’s Dirty Habit Of “Sexting Minors” A SECRET For Years!

WikiLeaks BUSTS Hillary Keeping Anthony Weiner’s Dirty Habit Of “Sexting Minors” A SECRET For Years!

It’s my job to report the news, no matter how unsavory, but this has actually left me speechless. There are levels of disgusting I can deal with and then there are things that I come across that repulse the very essence of my being.

Hillary Clinton’s staffers KNEW about Anthony Weiner’s “textual relationship” with an underage girl on Twitter and did nothing – read that again, NOTHING – to stop it. For someone who cares so much about women, she doesn’t seem to surround herself with people of that same belief.


According to a Wikileaks email posted on Monday, Hillary Clinton’s staff knew as early as 2011 that Anthony Weiner was engaged in an online relationship with a child under the age of 18.

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Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications adviser, forwarded an email to John Podesta, head of the Clinton campaign, and Neera Tanden, an adviser, about an investigation involving Anthony Weiner’s questionable relationship with a 17 year-old high school student.

‘Police on Friday afternoon came to the home of a 17-year-old high school junior to ask her about direct online communications she has had with Rep. Anthony Weiner,’ email read, quoting a Fox News article from the same time.

‘Two officers from the New Castle County Police Department arrived at the girl’s home around 4:30 p.m. and asked to speak with the girl’s mother about the daughter’s contact with Weiner. Another officer appeared at the home a short time later.’

Podesta’s response didn’t include “Oh no! Let’s make sure to distance ourselves from such an abhorrent human being!” Instead he simply replied “Oof.”

Apparently having a relationship with a minor when you’re married with children only warrants an “oof.”

The girl was convinced that she was in love with Weiner.

At one point she said: ‘HE IS MINE ALL MINE HE LOVES ME AND NO ONE ELSE ILY ILY ILY!!!’ and added ‘@RepWeiner I’m in love with you’ two days later.

The fact that people at the Clinton camp were aware of this behavior and did nothing to put a stop to it shows how shallow their “pro-woman” stance really is.

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