WIKILEAKS: Hillary Told When to SMILE During Interviews

WIKILEAKS: Hillary Told When to SMILE During Interviews

Ready, set, SMILE HILLARY! Because the American people can’t tell when you’re faking and when you’re not. Just kidding…we can. Shame on you.


According to the newest batch of evil Hillary emails, the woman does not like to say ‘everyday Americans’. Apparently, she has a hard time using the phrase because she can’t stand us everyday Americans.


But not really. To Hillary, everyone is beneath her and everyone is her enemy. I do not believe she has even ONE person in this world that she considers a friend. Everyone is replaceable, everyone is expendable. Maybe the closest she has to someone considering her a human being is her daughter.

…and that’s a maybe.

She’s as fake as a Kardashian body part and it’s so ridiculously clear to me that I can’t even watch her speak anymore. I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can be brainwashed by that woman. She says the words she is supposed to say, she raises her voice and pounds her fist at the exact moments she should for good effect when she speaks and yet…all I see when I look at her is emptiness that has been filled with greed, pride and absolute power hunger.

Is it just me!?

This is why it comes as no shock to me that she has to be told when to smile during interviews…


That’s not all…here’s the kicker:

Hillary, as we are all aware, has zero capability to see eye to eye with the middle class or even the upper middle class of America. Her life has been a series of luxuries most will never experience. This would be okay if she was a person gifted with empathy for others.

However, that is also something she lacks. There is no denying that woman cannot feel for others even in the slightest bit.

She is dead inside.

So how do her followers expect her to lead a country of people she is to protect and serve, if she couldn’t give a rat’s ass about any one of us?

What a mess.

And in speech transcripts released on Friday, Hillary Clinton herself admitted to a crowd of Wall Street bankers from Goldman-Sachs that “I’m kind of far removed” from the middle class “because the life I’ve lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy, but I haven’t forgotten it.”

There you go…she admits it herself.

If that woman gets herself back into the White House…we are doomed.

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