WIKILEAKS Strikes: Nancy Pelosi And The Democrats TRUE Feelings About BLM! [VIDEO]

WIKILEAKS Strikes: Nancy Pelosi And The Democrats TRUE Feelings About BLM! [VIDEO]

There was a new rash of emails released by WikiLeaks that included some very unflattering info on the personal computer of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.


The emails were the latest of damaging revelations about the Democratic Party and its many operatives. They covered what really got addressed, what they really think about Black Lives Matter behind closed doors and what they speak of in hushed tones. The hack of emails came off of Nancy Pelosi’s own personal computer and was meant to stay low key.

Located at the top of the email was the word ‘CONFIDENTIAL’, as well as the warning to not let the information on the email escape outside of the building.

The email revealed that the Democrats knew that the presidential candidates were not handling Black Lives Matter very well, describing them as a ‘Radical Group’.

Not THAT is the true thoughts and feelings of the Democrats and they are right…but they of course would have never told BLM that. It’s not good for the automatic voting block, you see…


The email also described the tactics that should be used when addressing or handling any BLM activists.

Democrats were admonished that any invites to BLM attendees to any meeting or rally should be very limited. Focus on smaller venues so as to lower the chances of disruption and other problems. They also warned to never agree or address any policy issues with them. You know, to keep them on their toes.

Another tactic of the Democrats is if they have to meet with a BLM member, or if they are approached by one, ask to meet with a local leader of the movement. It’s best to stay in control and at the head of organization than down in the trenches I suppose.

The email also warns to NEVER use the motto, “All Lives Matter”, as it will be sure to offend BLM members. Now why would the Dems care about offending BLM? Again, an automatic voting block and a sure way to keep them under your thumb. Horrible.

As far as talking points? Always address them in pandering terms, like referring to their history as being ‘oppressed’ all the time. Another way to suck up and keep them happy.

Black community, what more evidence do you need in order to believe that the Democratic Party has been playing you like a fiddle for decades?

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