WikiLeaks Strikes Again: Three Clinton Speeches To Wall Street Exposed [VIDEO]

WikiLeaks Strikes Again: Three Clinton Speeches To Wall Street Exposed [VIDEO]

According to The Washington Post, Hillary Clinton’s penchant for avoiding any specific criticizing of Wall Street is due to a direct relationship that both have with one another. There have been transcripts unveiled by the hacker group WikiLeaks, that point to this close relationship, specifically to Goldman Sachs and it’s bent for supplying Clinton with opportunities for paid speeches. So what did they get in return, exactly? Not sure, but Clinton not attacking them for their involvement in the financial meltdown is all but too clear.


The three transcripts released as part of the hack on the email of her campaign chairman’s email didn’t quite pan out for new and revealing dirt on the Ccndidate. There was no new evidence pointing to Clinton being led around like a dog by banking contributions. But the fact that she did give the speeches, and the transcripts of a few of them were released by WikiLeaks already, one doesn’t have to read too far that the speeches were light and offered platitudes, lacking deeply in substance.

Clinton, in 2013, stated that she had “great relations” with Wall Street and Bankers, going as far as to say that “the jury is still out” when it came to claiming that the Dodd-Frank financial reforms were a good move to play after the crash.

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Clinton had this to say to the bankers:

“What happened, how did it happen, how do we prevent it from happening? You guys help us figure it out, and let’s make sure that we do it right this time.”

There were three speeches Clinton had given at different times and these three have been released, thanks to the incompetence of her campaign sending around copies in preparation to go against Trump. In doing so, hackers were able to lift it off of Podesta’s email and leak it.


The transcripts, all from 2013, all hosted by Goldman Sachs, reveal just how close she is to any one institution that is willing to pay for play.

According to the transcripts, Clinton said the following:

The first is the ‘Clinton Apology Tour’.

She once stated in a speech to innovators summit that she had to do a ‘Clinton apology tour’ after the 2010 WikiLeaks dump of US officials characterizing a few foreign leaders as “vain, egotistical, power hungry, corrupt. And we knew they were. This was not fiction.”

“I had grown men cry, I mean, literally. ‘I am a friend of America, and you say these things about me?’” Clinton said, obviously taking lightly the damage she’s done.

Comments on the Syrian conflict:

Clinton spoke to Goldman-Sachs in 2013, saying she would have liked interfere in Syria, “as covertly as is possible for Americans to intervene.” Also adding, “We used to be much better at this than we are now. Now, you know, everybody can’t help themselves. They have to go out and tell their friendly reporters and somebody else: Look what we’re doing and I want credit for it.”

China’s new leader:

That year also revealed Clinton saying that Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had taken over as the country’s leader the previous fall, was “a more sophisticated, more effective public leader” than his forerunner, Hu Jintao. Clinton mentioned that she had seen Xi “work a room.”

Uh…Bernie. That includes Hillary who was involved…

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