VIDEO : Do You Think Glenn Beck Will REALLY Buy a Cellphone Today?

by McGuire | September 20, 2014 3:46 pm

Many of us can’t live without our tiny, portable email machines. We look at our phones 150 times a day. Most of us conservative folk know that Glenn has not had – or wanted – a cell phone. For years. But, he just may have changed his mind:[1]

glenn beck[2]

“You haven’t had a phone for years,” Pat said upon hearing Glenn’s plan. “The only reason you are considering this is because the new iPhone 6 is cool.”

Glenn claimed that is not the case, although the timing is certainly suspicious.

“I carry [my iPad] around with me all the time. It’s so big I can’t put it in my back pocket,” Glenn explained. “Also, everyone I know text messages. I don’t text message anybody. I’m practically snail mail. Can I get a stamp? Anyone have a stamp so I can send somebody a letter?”

When Glenn ran the idea of getting a phone past Tania last night, she agreed on one condition: She gets the iPhone 6 too.

“Here’s what my wife says. I said, last night, ‘I’m thinking about getting a phone.’ She said, ‘Well, if you get one, I’ll get the iPhone 6 too,’” Glenn said. “Wait a minute, what? What’s that all about?”

“You can’t have a 6 when she’s got a 5,” Pat concluded.

“I’ll take a one,” Glenn said. “I don’t care.”

Hahahaha. I’m an avid Apple fan/consumer. This had me in absolute stitches. Go get your iPhone 1, Glenn. Have fun, and call me maybe….

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