Woman who admits having sex with her pitbull walks free after telling judge it has ruined her life

Woman who admits having sex with her pitbull walks free after telling judge it has ruined her life


There are some things that are unfathomable. And this is one of those things. This woman was being investigated for trafficking drugs. A crime which she was later found guilty for committing. As they went through her phone they came across some pretty disturbing evidence that had nothing to do with trafficking drugs.

There were pictures of her committing bestiality with her dog. She says that she was pressured to do it by her boyfriend. But the evidence was pretty explicit. She did not even try to deny it and she immediately pleaded guilty. But she was given no punishment for the crime.

In a counseling session, she told her counselor that the public outcry has ruined her life. She felt that this was more than enough punishment for the crime. The judge seemed less sympathetic. He had quite a bit to say about her painful publicity. He said, ‘The adverse publicity is a result of your conduct’.

He continued bluntly,

‘Your conduct in the bestiality offences was repugnant,’ Judge Terry Martin said.

‘You were clearly a willing participant in acts of sexual intercourse with the dog,’ he said.

But Driscoll, the guilty woman, feels validated in her frustration. Since the crimes were made public she has received incredible backlash from the community and those she knows. She says, that alone, is painful and punishment enough.

‘This has ruined my life. I very much regret what I’ve done,’ Driscoll said as evidence that she has suffered enough. She was still penalized for crimes related to drug trafficking and animal abuse.

And she is receiving help for her mental issues. She was not considered completely mentally sound, possibly contributing to the heinous act.


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