Woman Claims San Diego Haunted House Included REAL Torture And Waterboarding! – VIDEO

Woman Claims San Diego Haunted House Included REAL Torture And Waterboarding! – VIDEO

There exists in San Diego a ‘haunted’ house that is tagged by many as the country’s most intense haunted house attraction. I for one happen to agree with them.


The client admission is highly restricted due to the thousands people that are one the wait list year-round, which makes this best-selling haunt one of the most ‘privileged’ in the country. Its owner is Russ McKamey and he had spent over $500,000 to trick out his personal home to meet the expectations of any ‘SAW’ film hopeful. Access involves a background check by McKamey himself, a signed waiver and some serious balls because at ‘McKamey Manor’, they like to take a more ‘hands on’ approach to haunting, so those that have personal space issues, need not apply.

Amy Milligan is a past client who claims the haunted house ‘tortured’, ‘beat’ and ‘waterboarded’ her to the point where she is now emotionally broken, according to her.

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But here’s the thing. What’s curious to note is that part of Milligan’s assertion is that on the exit interview, which is given as clients at the end of the Manor experience, seemed to have conveyed a positive reaction about the ordeal. She even seemed cheerful about it, but according to her, it was only because she wanted them to post the video of her experience – so she would have grounds to complain about them later…just a tad bit far fetched, in my opinion.

At one point, she even claimed she was constrained to lie down in a shallow pool of water with her hands bound and a cage over top of her, asserting that the paid actors whose job was to give the ‘torture’ experience, insistently pushed her head down under the water, even when she pleaded for them to stop.

‘I’m going to die here, I’m going to drown, my hair is wrapping around my neck and I start freaking out. I’m telling them I can’t breathe and they’re just laughing and doing it more.’

Milligan said that the whole occurrence left her totally broken. She said, ‘I cry over every little thing. If I hear about McKamey Manor, I freak out.


McKamey has taken a firm stand, saying that participants know what they are getting when they enter – and also strongly denied that they integrated waterboarding into the experience. He went on to explain that a small minority of those that take part, disregard all the warnings that are distinctly stated in the waiver and then turn around and charge that the haunted house was doing real torture on them.


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