Woman Finds The FACE Of An Airforce VET Lying On The Ground, And PANICS! Now She Is SUING His Killer!

by Just An American | January 19, 2016 5:58 am

This story is one that will get you right in the heart…Air Force Vet, Elgie Bedford, at 81 years old found himself having to walk down the highway after his car had gone off the road[1]…he was on his way to visit grandchildren. What happened to him next is not only heartbreaking but HORRIFYING…

A veterinarian is suing a truck company after she found the face of a man one of their vehicles had run over on the floor of a car wash.


Kimberly Kriege, 45, from Livingston, Montana, has filed a suit against CRST Expedited, claiming she was severely traumatized and needed counselling after she found the body part in September 2013 after it had been dragged from the scene.

Air Force veteran Elgie Bedford, 81, was the man knocked down and killed by one of the trucks as he made his way from Alaska to Texas to visit his grandchildren.


He is believed to have been hit several times before 31-year-old Wryan Young, who is believed to have also run over him, drove to the Super Car Wash in Livingston in a bid to wash off the portion of his face.

Bedford, whose car had gone off the road, was walking along Interstate 90 near Big Timber when he was hit by a CRST truck driven by David Welk.

‘Welk turned his semi-truck around and drove to the impact location, where he used a flashlight to observe objects lying on the highway,’ Kriege says in the complaint seen by the Courthouse News Service.

‘Welk told his co-worker that he saw clothing and a duffle bag when he actually saw Bedford’s body.’
Investigators believe Bedford’s body had been struck by multiple vehicles before Montana Highway Patrol officers discovered it at about 7.30 am.

Young, from Oak Harbor, Washington, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with evidence.

Her father, Westley Young, 50, who had been traveling with his daughter when she hit Bedford’s body, was charged with tampering with evidence.

Prosecutors in Sweet Grass and Park counties dismissed the charges against Wryan Young in late 2014, the Whidbey News-Times reported.

During Welk’s trial in October 2014, she told the court she believed she had run over a piece of tan cloth.

What a SENSELESS death…had people paid more attention, been more cautious…this man would have seen his grandchildren again, as he was meant to. Prayers for his family.

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