Woman Inside Of Home During Police Stand-Off And Shooting Tells BlackLivesMatter To SHUT IT! [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | December 1, 2016 3:24 pm


This is such a humbling story. This woman had to experience the unthinkable. And all she can think of is how much worse it would have been without the boys in blue who did everything they could to save the lives of two children. And they did it knowing that one of their own had been shot and killed already. She has a powerful message for everyone.

Detective Ed Troyer commented following the traumatic night saying,

“We didn’t want the kids to get hurt on top of everything that happened. Unfortunately, such a horrible situation, this could have ended a lot worse,” Troyer told reporters. “The suspect’s deceased. The kids are safe. That’s really what we’re very thankful for.”

“Everybody came together to help keep this neighborhood safe. It’s a horrible beginning to this. … The ending to this is equally as sad, but we still have two really safe kids, and no other neighbors and no other officers got hurt,” Troyer said.

This is definitely a time to be grateful for the sacrifices these men make. To be the mother of these two children and be completely helpless has to be one of the most tragic and terrifying experiences one can experience. Thank God these officers were there. And God bless the family of the officer who made the ultimate sacrifice for these children.

There is absolutely room for improvement and growth. Our officers are not perfect, but they sacrifice so much. I cannot imagine the anguish this family is experiencing. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, we can all agree that the death of this police officer is something we all feel and mourn.

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