Woman who let paralyzed husband get eaten alive by maggots and rot to death gets just 4 years

Woman who let paralyzed husband get eaten alive by maggots and rot to death gets just 4 years


Mark Fulgham was only 36 years-old when his wife called an ambulance for his dying body. He would die the next day in the hospital. When first responders arrived at the home, they were horrified by what they found. They found Mark on a filthy mattress on the floor and his body was found covered in bed sores and riddled with maggots.

He and his wife had been married for over 12 years. That woman, now facing criminal charges, Dormanicia Lawson, called 911 when she noticed that he was struggling to breathe on December 30th of last year. But in doing so, she condemned herself for the neglect of her husband and children.

Mark Fulgham died the next day in the hospital. Cause of death was tragically that of infection, dehydration and malnutrition. When the city police searched the couple’s apartment, they were disgusted by what they found… filthy and infested with cockroaches, flies and maggots.

Officers described being overwhelmed with the stench of an ‘awful odor’ as they entered the home and saw piles bags of rotting trash and human feces. Lawson’s two children, also forced to be living at the horrific apartment, were ‘dirty’ with a ‘foul odor’.

Thankfully, she was arrested quickly. And while she was initially charged with a charge of murder for the death of her husband, the charge has been lessened significantly. This happened when the jury last month was simply unable to reach a verdict. Since then, however, Lawson has pleaded guilty to abuse.

She has been jailed for four years – BUT could be released before even serving two.

‘You would think he was a corpse just by the way he looked,’ Corporal Christopher Blakely, Concord police spokesperson, told PEOPLE at the time.

‘It was horrific. … (It was) the most severe case of neglect that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been an officer here for 10 years.

‘He could not talk. He had shortness of breath. He had maggots that were eating his body.’

Is four years enough for this???


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