Woman Shoots Alleged Home Invader During Hour Wait for 911

by Greg Campbell | September 16, 2015 6:00 pm

What’s the old saying? “When seconds count, police are minutes away.” Police cannot be everywhere and one woman discovered this fact firsthand as she waited for an hour for help. Finally, she had to take matters into her own hands.[1]


On September 9 Breitbart News reported[3] that a female Dayton, Ohio homeowner who had been targeted for crime multiple times called 911 to report an alleged invader, then shot and killed the suspect herself.

News reports have since revealed that the police response time for that 911 call was over an hour long.

For example, ABC 22[4] ran a story titled, “Why did it take over an hour to respond to a home invasion call?” In it, they report that the female homeowner called 911 only to be told “to keep an eye out for the officer and call them back if [she heard] anything else.”

An hour later the officer had not arrived, but the suspect had made it inside the home and was allegedly coming toward the woman, who shot and fatally wounded him.

WHIO reported[5] that the alleged invader “confronted” the woman and she opened fire. Police say the suspect then turned and fled out the same window through which he had entered and ran about a block before collapsing. He was taken to Miami Valley Hospital “with at least one gunshot wound” to the chest, and he succumbed to that injury later in the day.

The female homeowner then called 911 again to say, “Someone broke into my home, I shot one.”

According to 2 News WDTN[6], Captain Matt Haines with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office addressed the delayed response by explaining that “each call is classified based on priority level. Priority one being the highest and priority nine being the lowest. Each level standing for a number of things.” He said, “The first call from the woman calling about the intruder was a priority three (suspicious persons call), which by policy means a two person crew will come when available.” But “the second call was classified as a priority one (shooting), which…Dayton Police responded to within minutes.”

The left cannot exist without a belief in the omnipotence and omnipresence of government. When assaulting our Second Amendment rights, they will claim that nobody needs this gun or that gun- “just call the police!”

However, too often, police are minutes away when seconds count and we must ultimately be responsible for our own safety. That is why individual ownership of firearms is not only important, it’s a smart idea.

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